The 10 minute guide on how to become a hacker or why you won't become one if you not already are...

I wrote this guide for all people out there asking all day "How to become a hacker?" and waiting for a simple answer and a 10 Minute guide...

Here it is: You won't become a hacker.

What is a hacker?

Hacking always means that you know the environment better than the person who created it. You have to be smarter than the writer of the software. Or at least than the user.

Hackers are people who know what they are doing and this includes them knowing things that are impossible to learn for human beings in a 10 Minute guide. Even in a 5 year guide it's hard.

But, but, but...

Yes, there are 10 Minute guides out there "How to use 'Hacker tools'"... Forget them. Those tools are useless if you don't know how to work with them. I mean really know how to work with them.

And all those step-by-step guides are nice for kiddies. Because "yay, I hacked my neighbors' wifi" is not hacking... It's a stupid cracking job which is done with a script in a few minutes if you want. So a hacker would replace "you" with a shellscript. That's why you are a script kiddie and not a hacker if you follow those guides.

Can you tell me how to become a hacker?

No. But I can give you some hints...

The first one comes here: Stop asking stupid questions! As already mentioned to be a hacker you have to be smart. And one ability of smart people is to ask smart questions.

Another ability of a hacker is programming. Maybe not every hacker is the absolute programmer but every hacker has to have some basic skills in programming. See how programs work and how to reverse engineer some logic. So if you don't know how to program? Learn programming. Hacking is something that is part of the programming workflow.

Learning programming

You may ask now how to learn to program? What is the best language to become a hacker?

The answer to the first question is a simple question: What do you want to build?

The answer to the second question is also simple: Do you know someone who is programming? What language does he use? Learn it.

I have no idea for a project, what should I do?

How about using your brain? Hacking is a creative thing. Thinking for new ways. If you can't find them yourself you'll never become a hacker...

Why does this site look so bad?

I'm annoyed of people unable to learn things themself. I wrote this page to simplify the answer to their dumb question... Why should I invest more time than needed?

So I won't become a hacker?